Jan 12, 2013

saturday med.itations: Facing The New Year

New Year’s Day is special for most people. Charles Lamb once remarked that no one ever regards it with indifference. And rightly so, for this particular day is the gate to the future and the finest time of all the year for new beginnings. Alfred Tennyson recalled that, as a child retiring early on New Year’s Eve, he asked his mother to please

“. . . wake and call me early, call me early, mother dear. Tomorrow’ll be the happiest time of all the glad New Year.”

Charles Dickens likened New Year’s Day to “an infant heir to all the world, waited for with welcomes, presents, and rejoicings.” A modern poet, in a meditative mood, perceived New Year’s Day as “reviving old desires” when the “thoughtful soul to solitude retires.” Recently a newspaper poll indicated that, while not many people make formal New Year’s resolutions anymore, the great majority do reflect thoughtfully on the past year and engage in at least some wishful thinking concerning the year just ahead.

One is reminded of the legendary Fortunas, whose wishing cap, when he put it on, could transport him instantly anytime, anywhere. Who wouldn’t like to have that cap today so as to enable oneself to enjoy a delightful time every day of the year? However, Fortunas is only an imaginary figure. There is no real place where anyone can begin all over again. But, as a matter of fact, there is a time of beginning again – and this is the day.

A new year is one of Heaven’s oldest gifts to man. In hopeful anticipation we may receive it as an alabaster box of precious things: talents of time to employ judiciously, jewels of faith, courage to enhance our Christian witness, occasions of service to those in need. It is exhilarating at the January gate to contemplate the pathways of the untrodden year. What an exciting prospect for a youth to sense that these days may well embrace one of the most momentous decisions of life! What a priceless privilege it offers for prudent parents to influence for righteousness their cherished children Heaven has temporarily entrusted to their care! With what gratitude can the mature believer envision the days ahead as priceless opportunities to perfect a character against the hastening day when we all shall know even as we are known! Let us resolve, with God’s help, to make this New Year better than any that has gone before.

source: Show Me Thy Ways

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