Feb 28, 2013

backtrack: Ranau

While waiting for a bus at Mt. Kinabalu National Park a good Samaritan approach us to take a ride going to Ranau coz all the buses bound to Sandakan stop their at the bus stop so that we can on board to a bus much more easier and safer (as a foreigner). We’ve just stay here in less than an hour but it’s pleasant to have a short walk nearby bus stop in this foreign and quiet town of Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia. (2010)

Ranau means 'Wet Rice Field', a reference to the historical cultivation of paddy on hill slopes in the outlying valleys; today, most have been taken over by conventional farms growing vegetables but some rice fields still remain, ploughed by the old method of buffaloes and hand. Ranau (Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia) is a town about 26 km away from Mount Kinabalu.

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