Feb 2, 2013

saturday med.itations: A Fishy Taste

Some people are born without the ability to taste. How would you like that? Of course, you wouldn’t have to worry about eating food that you didn’t like, but how would you know what you did like?

What kind of animal life do you suppose has the most highly developed sense of taste? It’s not humans. As for birds, they may have fewer than 500 taste buds (compared to our 9,000 taste buds). A pig, on the other hand, has about 15,000 taste buds. So you would think that it would be a very discerning eater instead of one of the world’s prime examples of a creature that will consume just about anything as long as there is enough of it.

Herbivores animals have highly developed taste functions. A rabbit has 17,000 taste buds, but a cow has 35,000! Perhaps if we ate nothing but grass we’d need more taste buds so we could enjoy the subtle differences between the grass in this field and the grass in the field over there.

But the world’s taste champions are fish. A catfish, for example, has 100,000 taste buds. Not only do fish have an abundance of taste buds, but some of them have taste buds on the outside of their bodies! Imagine that! Fish can literally taste the water they are swimming in. If they taste some favourite food nearby, like we get the scent of something, fish can home in on it and find it. If you were a fish and you saw something good to eat, you could truthfully say, “It looks so good I can taste it!”

How do you think it would be to have taste buds on your skin? It doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it? God gave the fish what it needs, and He provided us with what we need. We can always trust Him to supply what’s good for us. And just as we can trust the Lord to provide food that tastes good, so we can trust Him to make His spiritual truth appetizing.

source: Nature Quest

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