Mar 10, 2013

3 Days in Bangkok – The Grand Palace

On the following day in Bangkok my friend told me to raise early coz we’re going to visit the core attraction of Bangkok trip, a visit to the Grand Palace (also known as Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang). It is one of Bangkok most impressive highlights, so as expected the place are flock by tourist and travellers alike.

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and was home to the Thai Royal Family for 150 years, this magnificent structure is now open to the public and is still used for ceremonial purposes. The glittering golden rooftops and soaring pagodas of this impressive palace and temple complex can be seen from afar. Visitors should allow plenty of time to explore the Grand Palace and the temple complex as a number of treasures is waiting to be explored.
Wat Phra Kaew (or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, officially known as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram) can also be found here. This is one of Bangkok’s most important temples as it is home to the much celebrated Emerald Buddha statue (Phra Putta Maha Mani Ratana Patimakorn). The Emerald Buddha is a Buddha image in the meditating position in the style of the Lanna School of the north.
Paying 250 Baht for entrance which includes admission to Wat Phra Kaeo, The Royal Thai Decorations & Coins Pavilion and Vihamanek Mansion. Take noted that a strict dress code applies to all visitors in this sacred site. No sandals, shorts and vest tops, also shoulder, kness ant toes must be covered.
It’s time to look for some souvenir coz tomorrow I’m gonna leave this ‘Land of Smiles’ goodbye Bangkok... Some photos are courtesy of DNY.

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