May 20, 2013

8th Asian BMX Championship – Singapore

An interview with The Champion (by Don Acts)

Daniel Patrick Caluag 26 years old from Philippines, A Nursing student, born in California, USA His father a Respiratory Therapist from Bulacan, Philippines; mother from Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Started riding a bike since 9. Won a lot of tournament in the USA & ranked No.9 but never qualified to be in a US National team.

Went back to Philippines to represent the country and became the only Asian who qualified in the 2012 London Olympics. Now 19th May 2013 he won the 8th Asian BMX Championship, participated by representatives from Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, & the Philippines.

Texts and photos by Don Acts, happened in Singapore yesterday, May 19, 2013.

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