May 16, 2013

Pahiyas Festival 2013 on Mtbike

Woke up early and rode my mountain bike to Lukban, Queazon (PH), the home for world famous Pahiyas Festival celebration. Pahiyas is the grandest and most celebrated festivals in Quezon Province and also one the most visited festivities in the Philippines, no wonder to saw foreign nationalities and some local personalities.

Pahiyas is a thanks giving celebration for the bountiful crop and agri harvest throughout the year, honouring San Isidro Labrador (for the Catholic), for a non-catholic residents it’s also a thanks giving (to God) for the blessing throughout the year.

I arrived at Lucban early as seven in the morning some store were still including the tiangge area and mostly of the homeowners were still furnishing and put some finishing decorations for their Pahiyas. Although the early morning parade had passed some of the residents were not yet finished for the decorations.

This year’s celebration of the Pahiyas Festival March 15 yesterday happened to be (2 days) after the Election Day, so no political ads and tarpaulin were hanging on the street and all political arguments were mostly settled.

A lot of houses this year joined the festivities coz the winning pot for this year Pahiyas was Php 100,000 wow congratulations to the winning house.

The weather conditions was fine during my stay even thought it was raining on my way up to Lucban. As early as 7am the streets of Lucban were flock of busy visitors and tourist taking photos, strolling around town and buying some souvenirs.

Hope you’ll like some of my photos. I must leave this town before the heat of the summer sun got hotter; it was a long way down to Lucena City.

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