Jun 5, 2013

road mtbiking: Mt. Makiling Loop

It was a failure the last time I rode this loop, so I’m back to this road trail again to complete my unfinished ride last Sunday and do it reversed, the Mt. Makiling Loop encircling Mt. Makiling. This time I’ve started my mtb ride from Sto. Tomas town (Batangas) via Calamba City, Los Baños to Bay town in Laguna (Philippines) then uphill to Philippine Geothermal at Brgy. Bitin (Bay) then downhill back to Sto. Tomas.

Started my ride at six in the morning in front of 7eleven at Caltex gas station in Sto. Tomas town in Batangas.

Make a quick stop at Walter Mart Makiling in Calamba City, then at Brgy. Real take a right turn for (a not really) shortcut but less motorist and to avoid traffic at Crossing Calamba.

Side trip at the biggest statue/effigy of Dr. Jose Rizal in the country in Calamba City in front of City Hall. Then another quick stop in front of new Los Banos Municipal Hall (with stainless gate).

Take some photos in front of UP Open University (IRRI), a few meters away I’ve noticed this marker so it’s another quick stop at Bay welcome marker and town boundary.

Turn right at this intersection to Brgy. Bitin, Bay (Laguna) where Philippine Geothermal were located. It’s an easy ride at the first kilometre then expects an uphill.

Finally I’ve reach the highest part of the road at Philippine Geothermal and now it’s the start of an easy downhill.

Buy bottled water at this intersection at Brgy. San Felix, Sto. Tomas (Batangas) then headed back home.

My whole ride recorded a distance of 53.54 km, it was a safe sunny Sunday ride and luckily rain doesn’t fall during the entire ride. Thanks again and see ya again next time!

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