Jun 28, 2013

road mtbiking: Sampaloc Lake Loop

Sampaloc Lake is one of the seven lakes of San Pablo City (Laguna), the biggest, and the most accessible from city proper. This lake loop was home for San Pablo Runner’s Club and locals’ favorite for picnicking, dating, walking/jogging, and family bonding, so share the road. It’s just a side trip mtbike ride from Calauan, when I reach the junction I turn left going to city proper and decided to take a peek at Sampaloc Lake, but when I reach the view deck of the lake (at Andres Bonifacio monument) I’m tempted to take the loop.

At the entrance to the lake these bicycle for rent welcomes visitors.

I encountered this Tilapia harvesting during my ride, counting fishes and putting oxygen in plastic bag.

Morning fishing along the lake shore.

At main viewing area, take some photos and leave.

The lake loop ride was just an easy 3.7 km and no entrance fee needed. Always remember to take care for the environment so avoid/no littering please, now headed back to Santo Tomas, Batangas.

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