Sep 21, 2013

saturday med.itations: Light and Words

“The entrance of thy light giveth words.” If that sounds confusing, remember that if it were not for light from some source, you could not read the words on this page. So light has to enter the picture in order for the human eye to read printed words.

The process works like this: A source of radiation, such as the sun, a lightbulb, or a fire emits particles of energy called photons. Those photons hit the page of a book (computer screen). Most of the photons that strike the page where there is black print get absorbed and converted into heat. The amount of heat is so small that you don’t feel it. However, most of the photons that hit the white background bounce back into the air–something we term reflection.

Since light travels in a straight line, the photons reflect the images that are left after the black print absorbs the other photons. The reflected image goes through the lens of your eye, which focuses it on the retina at the rear of your eyeball. The retina then translates the image into nerve impulses that the optic nerve carries to your brain, and you “see” words. We call the process “reading,” and it is really quite wonderful.

Photons of light get organized into nerve impulses that send messages to your brain. You could say that the light teaches you the words. Not only is that the way you read – it is also the way that you see everything. Light arrives, reflects off of the surfaces around you, and enters your eye to send a message to your brain about what’s there. It happens so automatically that we take it for granted.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” (John 9:5). When the light from Jesus enters your life, you get a new understanding of things. Do you suppose that might be why Jesus is also called the Word that “was made flesh and dwelt among us”? (John 1:14).

-source: Nature Quest

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