Oct 17, 2013

Culion San Ignacio Farm Retreat House

When we asked our tricycle driver to take us to a place unfamiliar with splendid panorama, this was all we’ve ended. Far from the town proper and crowded community (by the way Culion is not crowed at all), the San Ignacio Farm Retreat House and Spirituality Center located on the hill of the mountainous side of the Island with a view of mangrove areas.

San Ignacio Farm was owned and operated by group of Catholic priest; it became their retreat and vacation place far far away from the hustle of the city. Open to all and no entrance fee, the place has chapel, grotto, ‘kubo’ and vacation house in a greenery and natural environment.

Note: If you are thinking of the so called “Pulang Lupa” a site being developed with great view of entire Culion, forget about that! It was been devastated by past typhoon and was being abandoned now.

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