Oct 16, 2013

Curious at Culion Island

This Island called Culion was once the world’s largest leper colony during the American colonization, so it listed on my bucket to visit when I’m back in Coron. The quiet Culion town as the Island named is part of the Calamianes group of Islands in the northern part of Palawan province, about two to three hours by boat from Coron town. Here’s I’ve got when strolling around town.

Let’s take a bit of history, Culion Island was declared a leper colony in 1904 by the ruling American Governor Wright due to the increasing number of cases in the country. About 16,000 lepers lived isolated on this Island. In 1947, the number of deceased was decreased due to the arrival of medicines, and then in 1992 the municipality of Culion was founded. In 1995 the first municipal council in the history of this young community was elected.

But don’t worry, leprosy now was easily curable with inexpensive antibiotics and is no longer present in Culion Island and vicinity. Culion was rich in history and once a place of hope for leper ill person, with a breathtaking natural landscape.

Today the Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital was the main and center of Healthcare and Medical services along Calamianes group of Island. You have notice that I didn’t featured the old historical Church and the Fort of Culion, coz when I browsed the internet the two was well featured there, thus I think for a different outlook.

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