Oct 15, 2013

Sunset at Culion Island

Rain clouds were approaching that afternoon (last Tuesday) when we were leaving at Culion Island (Palawan). At time the boat undock at the shore rain showers started to fall but not for long, it suddenly stops and sun started to rise from the rain clouds, luckily I had a view of the sun setting in the horizon. I grab my camera and took some photos for another sunset collection post.

As we were leaving at Culion Island and some of my companions were starting to take a nap, I positioned myself at the upper deck of the boat to shot this cloudy afternoon sundown.

I can’t capture the full image of the sun down in the horizon (island) coz thick cloud started to appear.

It’s pleasant to unwind after one tiring day, for me watching sunset were one of them. Some descriptions of Culion town in Palawan province are mention on my next posts about Culion.

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