Oct 11, 2013

Sunset at Newport City

Let the rush hour pass, slow down and take a glimpse of sun setting at the horizon after a tiring and hustle of the day. Another sunset post took last week (wednesday) at Newport City (in Pasay MM). I love to watch and take photos of sunset and sunrise so every time I had the opportunity I think of nothing but to shoot it, so here’s one.

In these rainy and cloudy days it’s quite unusual to have a sunset like this. Luckily I’m on the nice spot that afternoon.

Took at the 8th and 10th floor of Remington Hotel, just in front of NIAA Terminal 3.

Remington Hotel was located at the luxurious vicinity of the Resort World Manila in Newport City, Pasay City Metro Manila (Philippines). I can say that it was a less pricey Hotel near the luxury lifestyle hotels and casinos’ of Resort World.

It's very convenient for people who air travel as it's very close to the NAIA airport and has a free airport shuttle service. It also has free (slow) Wi-Fi access in the room and in the lobby. For budget conscious there's a 7-11 store and McDonald's at the ground floor of the hotel building, which means you're not restricted to spend for steep hotel food prices, coz there’s no free breakfast for the package.

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