Oct 17, 2013

They Called It 'Agila'

Mark with a cross at the left side of the road starts your first steps of this hill, but as I go higher I’ve noticed that there were more crosses’ along the cemented way up. I asked our ‘manong’ tricycle driver that serves also are guide about the name of this hill and he said “Agila po.” So obvious, coz it has an eagle markings (stone and cement painted in white) at the slope side of the hill.

‘Agila’ hill was a marker of Culion Island, the most visible structure when you are approaching the island and also on a low flying aircraft (the church was the second most visible structure).

The hill has 300+ steps but base on my addition I counted 331 steps, try to count for yourself if you happen to climb this hill.

A spectacular panorama of Culion town and bay with visible coral reefs awaits you of top of ‘Agila.’

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