Nov 3, 2013

Coron Island Hopping #2: Twin Lagoon and CYC Beach

Twin Lagoon:
This area in Coron, Palawan was once mentioned by as one of the most beautiful places on earth, indeed it was beautiful. It was recommended to be part of your itinerary when you’re in Coron. However this beautiful place vanishes if we don’t take care of the ocean (environment); dump our garbage and toxic wastes. During our visit here garbage (plastics) and even human waste were anywhere in blue crystal waters, hope this place stays clean and beautiful.

Upon entering the first (outer) lagoon clear crystal water and stunning vertical limestone rock formations welcomes every visitors. In the inner lagoon it was another great feeling and adventure (,”).

CYC Beach:
It is the only nearest beach destination (that I know) in Coron town that has no entrance fee, and because it’s free no one maintained this place, garbage can be found along the island and even under water (that’s the bad side). CYC Beach was located in the small island with powdery white sands and clear crystal waters. Snorkelling and Scuba diving were also possible and recommended here.

I’m pleased that this place was free but I’m doubly happy if it is free from garbage too so let’s do our share, keep our garbage away from this island and dispose it properly back in town.

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