Nov 4, 2013

Diffused at Delian Island Coron

Delian Island was known for divers as one of the WWII shipwrecks destination, but to a common tourists or travellers it was not an island destinations although it has white beaches and coral reef formations. Let me share some info (and photos) about this island. The ancestral domain of the Coron Tagbanua covers the 236 hectares of Delian Island, in mid 80’s the Tagbanua problems began when migrants from Visayas began streaming into nearby Delian Island. The tribe accuses these migrant fisherfolk of dynamite fishing and cyanide use. Today a deluge of migrants has practically swept the Tagbanua tribe (families) away from this island.

According to my knowledge all of the families who live on this island now were from Visayas and majority were from Cebu province, so they speak ‘Cebuanos’ here and a little bit of ‘Tagalog.’ There is a thriving Lapu-lapu fish industry here manage by the residents, making a huge cage deep underwater using improvised oxygen (a compressor powered by boat engine and using a plastic hose to breathe) to dive and feed the fishes (Lapu-lapu). I was unable to saw the cages because it’s too deep and dangerous without using diving gear.

Delian Island was about 2 to three hours boat ride from Coron town, bearing Latitude. 11.8403° and Longitude. 120.3131°. It’s just a sub community (sitio) on the nearby island.

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