Nov 5, 2013

The Other Way Up To Mt. Tapyas

Climbing Mt. Tapyas everytime I’m in Coron, Palawan was always part of my itinerary, always allotting some of my time whether alone or not, morning or afternoon. But this time I climb Mt. Tapyas the other (hard) way not the traditional cemented upstairs. Started my jump-off at the back of Municipal Hospital up to the residential road then turn left at the grassland, before reaching the No Trespassing signage I turn left.

There was no established path way up but the grass were not too thick so I can easily pass through with the help of a stick to avoid venomous creatures. Sometimes I’ve followed dried water paths with some loose soil and gravels. 

I ended up at the left side gazebo and found out that it has a lot of plastic garbage dump there. The way up and the trail were not that tough that I imagined it was just a 30mins hike (by the way it was not a mountain, it’s a hill). On the way down I used the traditional cemented stairways.

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