Dec 17, 2013

Nagcarlan Goes Underground

It was during Spanish Era and later on during Filipino-American that the Nagcarlan revolutionaries go underground. Since 1845 when the Underground Cemetery was erected by the Fr. Vicente Velloc a Franciscan priest, it was become and works as a secret meeting place for revolutionary’s leaders and ‘katipuneros.’ I was on Nagcarlan, Laguna last wednesday on a mountain bike and decided to explore a bit around ‘poblacion’ before going back home.

Nagcarlan Laguna is home of the famous historical site and the only underground cemetery in the country. A well-maintained historical site with no entrance fee, open from tuesday to sunday 8am-4pm, photograph for souvenirs are allowed in the site.

Public Market (around town)

The Catholic Cathedral (San Bartolome Church)

Nagcarlan town is located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw with 229.0 meters above sea level.

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