Dec 7, 2013

saturday med.itations: Surprise Attack

Almost everyone in Hawaii was asleep at six o’clock Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, when more than two hundred Japanese planes loaded with bombs destined for Pearl Harbor took off from their carriers.

Many of the United States military officers were still in bed when the unidentified planes appeared on the radar screen. The inexperienced man on duty thought they must be American planes. After all, thousands of miles of ocean lay between Hawaii and Japan. It couldn’t be an enemy.

Many still slept and all were unconcerned when the bombs began to fall. Then it was too late to do much. Wave after wave of bombers dropped their deadly loads, destroying a good portion of the United States fleet and most of the military planes parked in close, neat rows at the airbase. During the raid 3,581 people were killed and hundreds of others were wounded.

The Japanese assault was successful because it was a total surprise. No one expected it at Pearl Harbor. American officials were rather expecting an attack somewhere in Asia, far away from home.

The American officials felt so safe that they saw no need to place the Army and Navy units in Hawaii on wartime alert. They were sleeping when they should have been awake.

Pearl Harbor has a lesson to teach Christians today, for we also are engaged in a war that has been in progress for thousands of years between the good and evil powers of the universe. We are coming to the end of the controversy between Christ and Satan that began long ago in heaven, before this world began.

In this war we must each fight our personal battles with the enemy of souls. He is a clever soldier. He knows that surprise is an important part of his success. He’s not about to let you know what his next moves will be.

Now is no time to be sleeping. It is time for us to place our senses on wartime alert. We must never underestimate the ability of our enemy.

source: This Is The Day

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