Jan 5, 2014

My MTBike Log 2013

It’s time of the year to summon up my previous outdoors adventure of 2013, this time I log my biking adventure coz it’s dominated my activities last year. I began to engage in biking activities once more (although I started my biking adventure before I set up this blog) when my brother gave a mountain bike from Singapore last April of 2013 to replaced my old mountain bike. So here’s my mtbike log that started late last year.

Last year (2013) I’ve got a 543.94 accumulated total kilometre bike distance. Now with a total of 608.44 km including my previous bike ride distance, it was too impossible to reach a 1,000,000 km bike ride distance before I retire in mtbiking and get old. But I believe that there’s nothing impossible for those who do, work, and didn’t quit reaching for it (GOAL) (,”). Hope to make it 100x more this year hehehe, Happy New Year everyone!!!

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