Feb 24, 2014

Maricaban Island: Masasa Beach

When a good friend of mine invited me to join their outdoor adventure last weekend, with no hesitation I answered yes because I’m free that day, even though I’m not au fait with their group. The only thing I know, Maricaban Island was our destination, so expect some swimming and beachin’ activities. From Anilao port in Mabini, Batangas we hire a boat that set off directly to our target, Masasa Beach area. We started a calm and smooth water sailing from port but before we’ve reach our destination near Sepok Point, the water become rough and the sailing become bumpy, water splashed inside the boat (some of us get wet) for more than an hour.

The beach has relatively white powdery sand, untamed and unmaintained, no caretaker and no entrance fee. Don’t expect cottages and nearby water source, bring your own tents and stuff. With a free beach garbage can be seen anywhere. I though that with regular cleaning and maintenance this area can become more stunning.

Masasa beach areas have three compartments divided by rock formations that are ideal for overnight camping and swimming, good for 20 people (each compartments). I’m placing numbers for the areas for some descriptions, the first area was our landing zone from Anilao port, and this was the way to water source (balon) across the rice fields.

The second one was our choice site, with small tree creating some shade from sun and wind that was ideal for cooking area.

The third area was the way going to Barangay Hall and near to cemented road going to Tingloy town proper.

Masasa Beach is located at Maricaban Island, Sitio Masasa, Brgy. San Juan, Tingloy, Batangas. I’m planning to come back here someday but not for beachin’ and swimming but for hiking and mountaineering, coz I’ve discovered that there were some peaks here worth climbing. Thanks to Wanderlust group for cheerful moments and friendship, especially to Coun. Ante A.


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    1. From manila (lrt buendia or cubao bus terminal) ride a bus to batangas pier - off to batangas grand terminal - ride a jeep to mabini or hire a jeep direct to anilao port - ride a boat to tingloy, maricaban island or hire a boat direct to masasa beach.

  2. Hi, do you have contact number for boat rentals?


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