Apr 27, 2014

road mtbiking: Sariaya to Sampaloc Quezon

Sampaloc is a small town in Quezon province nestled in the mountainous terrain of Sierra Madre Mountain range. It is surrounded by green environment and rich in agricultural colours and flavours. Sampaloc town was sandwiched between the town of Lucban and Mauban. Therefore last Thursday it was my mtbiking destination.

Started my ride-off point at the town of Sariaya in Quezon province too. At Sariaya Municipal Hall and Cathedral.

Now at Tayabas City vicinity, the Villa Cinco River Resort and city Cathedral.

Town plaza of Lucban, Quezon, the home of ‘Pahiyas Festival.’

Still in Lucban vicinity, the intersection going to Sampaloc, turn right to Manila via Sta. Cruz, Laguna, straight ahead to Sampaloc, turn left Lucban by pass.

At last after zigzag downhill ride it’s Sampaloc, Quezon, that’s celebrating their 4th Bulihan Festival.

I pray for a cloudy day but rain pour before I reach the town of Lucban and another rain fall before I reach my destination town, so it was a wet adventure ride. I started my ride at pass 3 in the afternoon and took me a record of 45.66 kilometer.

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