Apr 22, 2014

Tayak Hill

Tayak Hill is in my bucket list on my road mtbiking, but when a friend invited me to join their motorcycle ride last (Saturday) Holy Week I arrived at this place, in Brgy. Tala, Rizal, Laguna. It has a cloudy sky when we reached the summit and of course more locals and visitors up there on this yearly event. More devotees (and visitors) would gather in there, many would camp at the foot; also Stations of the Cross have also been placed.

Some hikers, like the locals, would begin their walk in front of Rizal Elementary School, along the road (San Pablo-Nagcarlan). It was also became the Bikers Heaven not just for Laguna but for all bikers in nearby provinces because of the challenging uphill.

Tayak Hill stands low with (approximately) 560 MASL at the foot of Mt. Cristobal, an easy hike up in a cemented pavement and stairs. It has two crosses on top the big cemented one and the small wooden cross. Maybe next time I come back there riding my mtbike.

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