May 1, 2014

road mtbiking: Sampaloc to Lucena City


The heat of the summer sun still getting hotter so I decided to take an afternoon ride going to Lucena City, Quezon after attending the 4th Bulihan Festival in Sampaloc town last week. It was time to go home moreover the Grand Central Terminal of Lucena City was my end point and pick-up location.

Started my ride at around 4 in the afternoon at Sampaloc Municipal Hall.

Still at Sampaloc vicinity, Brgy. Bayongon and Brgy. Balugbog.

Along Lucban-Mauban Road, I’d discovered this historical marker at Brgy. Piis in Lucban town vicinity, the ‘Battle at Piis’, took some photos and a quick stop.

Again at Lucban plaza and at ‘Kamay ni Jesus’.

It was getting dark when I reach the City of Tayabas, so I decided not to take some rest and headed quickly to Lucena City Grand Central Terminal.

Although it was already dark I come across a group of bikers at the boundaries of Tayabas-Lucena road. The whole ride got me a record of 42.22 distance kilometre, another tiring and enjoyable mtbike ride so yah again next time.

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