Jan 12, 2015

Be a Keen Solo Voyager

Compared to a group of selfie and camera-toting tourist, a solo traveller can intermingle more easily into the crowd without attracting the attention of criminals and scam artist. While some don’t want the idea of travelling alone, citing danger and awkwardness as reason, others claim it’s akin to a splendid experience, where the discovery is all yours. It’s the ultimate hedonism too, you don’t have to do what others want to do or go where they want to go. Reasons such as safety are the main concern, but with a bit of research and blog reading, and lots of common-sense, you can enjoy going solo with peace of mind. If you can’t don’t think about it, but if you can here are some helpful tips for you.

1. Plan, search, read and do your homework at home. Knowing the duration and cost from the airport to your hotel/hostel and city center. Get info on transport vehicle fares and compare.

2. Any time night or day, stick to open and public places.

3. Act and walk confidently and purposefully, and don’t dress up like a tourist. Leave your luxurious jewelleries at home and dress appropriately.

4. Study maps and transportation schedules in your hotel room before you go out for the day. But leave your maps at your hotel room. No maps outside your room.

5. In a situation that you find yourself annoyed by the locals or take an advantage, go into store/supermarket or a hotel and explain the situation. Maybe they can help get rid of the person or call the police if necessary.

6. When asking for directions to a certain place, don’t say you’re a tourist or alone trying to find the way. Say you’re going to meet friends.

7. Make friends and talk to strangers, but don’t be too trusting. Hold firm on to your money and valuables.

8. Eating alone is not a lonely thing, don’t rush it but savour the local delicacies. Chat with the service crews, who may be full of helpful tips. You can read a book while eating coz even the chic locals do this. Choose restaurants with booths for more privacy.

9. No nightlife. Stay in your hotel/hostel, chat with others in a lobby and sleep early coz tomorrow is another adventure to start with.

Travel more this new year within a group and even solo.

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