May 10, 2015

Tibay Ticketing Travel & Tours

Experience the fun and pleasure of Coron Island sceneries and Calamianes group of Island in Palawan with “Tibay Ticketing Travel & Tours.” They offer the most comprehensive tour packages, private boat rental, and customizable tour packages that suits your length of stay and budget.

Located at Brgy. 3 Coron, Palawan near public market. They also offer ticket booking (air and sea to Manila, El Nido, Puerto Princesa, and San Jose, Occidental Mindoro), computer rental, and tarpaulin printing thru Sintech Computer Technology. All tour packages includes; boat ride, entrance fee, ecological fee, and buffet lunch (diving gear not included, but available upon request.).

Expedition 1 Escapades: Kayangan Lake – enjoy the sceneries of the cleanest lake in the world voted for Seven Wonders of the World... Also you can find the rock formations, the cave, and the amazing cold brackish water at the middle of the mountain. You can have snorkelling, swimming, and kayaking. For those who go for a private boat, you can stay overnight at CYC beach and Atwayan Beach.

Expedition 2 Escapades: Enjoy and witness the magnificent wonders of limestone rock formation, amazed how nature created this one of the kind marvel place, the reflux of the fresh crystal clear water with alternating cold and warm water freely touched your skin – The Twin Lagoon. You can have snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, diving, and have fun with seas creatures around the wrecks of sunk Ships. For those who go for a private boat you can stay overnight at Smith Beach.

Expedition 3 Escapades: Siete Picados is a marine park with shallow waters off the coast of Coron town about a 10 minutes boat ride and near the Coron Island. This shallow reef (about 3 to 5 meters, 9 to 15 feet) is ideal for snorkelling. Siete Picados means “Seven Sins”, the legend has it that seven sisters went swimming against their mother will, all of them drowned and afterwards seven islets appeared. Length of stay is about 15 to 20 minutes only then next destinations. You can have fish feeding, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, and swimming. For those who will go for a private boat you can stay overnight at any of these beaches; CYC, Atwayan, and Smith.

Expedition 4 Escapades: Malcapuya Island is about 1.5 to 2 hours boat ride from Coron port, clean water with powdery white sands, see the giant clams and some corals. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot a young blacktip reef shark. Bulog Dos Island looks more beautiful with its short stretch of white sandy beach, crystal clear aquamarine waters and a long snaking sandbar that connects to Malaroyroy Peninsula and the rest of Bulalacao. Banana Island is only about five minutes boat ride from Bulog Dos Island, it has several cottages where guests can stay overnight along with huts and tables. For those who go with a private boat you can stay overnight any of these beaches.

Expedition 5 Escapades: Black Island earns its name from the dark colored karst cliffs that stand tall at the center of the island. Their feet are worshipped by the wide bed of glittering white sand. Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary has zebras, giraffes and many more that roam freely in the wild.

Expedition 6 Escapades: Pass Island – enjoy the pleasantries of the beautiful white sand beaches of Calambuyan and Pass Island before immersing yourself in the amazing underwater world meters from the beach. Lusong Coral Garden – fascinate the coral forest, much like the lushness that grow above the surface. Off the white coated shore, they flaunted a multitude of colors and a trove of life. Layers and layers of enormous table corals girdled the small peaks and valleys of the reef. Lusong Wreck was among the Japanese supply fleet that sunk in September 1944.

and many more, just ask any staff of Tibay Tours Travel & Ticketing.


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