Jun 13, 2015

road mtbiking: San Juan to Hugom

Last Friday (Philippine Independence Day) I rode my mtbike for a short ride in the town of San Juan, Batangas, from town proper down to the (in)famous beaches called Laiya to Barangay Hugom, the barangay boundary before Lobo town. Since it was a holiday I was expecting more bikers in the road but didn’t seen one except the two of us (me and my father).

Started our ride in front of San Juan Municipal Hall.

Took some rest and snacks at Barangay Subuquin.

With sidetrip in front of Estrellas de Mendoza Resort at Barangay Laiya Ibabao.

It’s now Barangay Hugom and ready to pedalled back. 

I was expecting a short ride but it records a 57.42 km including some side trip of the main road. I am looking forward to explore San Juan town riding my MTB.

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