Jul 14, 2015

road mtbiking: San Juan to Lucena City

Lucena City is known for the best Chami – a noodle dish made of locally produced noodle, cooked like pancit with meats, vegatables and other spices. Chami was Lucena’s very own pansit delicacy, but last Sunday I’m not here for the chami but for another road mtbiking destination.

From the town plaza I started my zero kilometer mark.

At Lutucan/Guis-guis road intersection.
End of underconstruction Eco-Tourism highway. Turn right to Lucena City via brgy. road.

Again at Lucena City Capitol ground. I wait for the rain to stop before headed back to San Juan, Batangas.

I’ve got a safe 70.74 km ride to Lucena City via the underconstruction (less car) Batangas – Quezon Eco-Tourism Road.

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