Aug 7, 2015

road mtbiking: San Juan – Lobo Loop

The town of Lobo in Batangas province offers many attractions, it has good white sand beaches and has a good coral and marine life on some beaches that attract many snorkelers and scuba divers, with just a 145 kilometers from Manila. However I’m not there last Sunday to take a plunge but to ride my mountain bike and took the San Juan to Lobo loop.

Started my zero kilometer mark from San Juan public market.

At Barangay Hugom, misguidedly called Laiya by tourist and beach lovers.

The Malabrigo Lighthouse, a heritage site in Lobo, Batangas.

At Lobo town proper. Some trivia: Last 2005 the local government of Lobo declared the ‘Submarine Garden’ a fish sanctuary. It has 3 kilometers shoreline and 300 meters fronting the shores, declared as protected area.

Somewhere at ‘bitukang manok’ or the zigzag at Lobo - Batangas City road.

At Taysan town also in Batangas province.

At Rosario town, took some rest then headed back home.

It was a tiring but enjoyable rainy day ride; I encountered four rains on that day. My rainy day loop rides records a 115.77 kilometers, this was my farthest ride so far. When was your latest long ride? Share with us and leave a comment.

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