Sep 12, 2017

each day dubai: Burj Khalifa #6

Burj Khalifa 101

21. The weight of the empty building is a massive 500,000 tonnes.

22. The tip of the spire of Burj Khalifa can be seen 95 kilometers away, generally you can see the silhouette of the tower in every corner of Dubai.

23. On Saturday 21st of April 2014, Skydive Dubai sponsored Soul Flyers World Champions Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet took the first leap off the Burj Khalifa, claiming the Highest BASE Jump from the Tallest Building. (The jump from the tip was made possible with the construction of a 3x1 meter platform at the very top of the pinnacle and was a mammoth of a task in itself.)

24. Throughout the entire project, only high compressive strength concrete mixtures were used and pours were only done at night because of hot temperatures during the day. The concrete was chilled in the concrete plant prior to preparation and part of the water was replaced with shards of ice, allowing the concrete to be transferred at 82°F (28°C). Super high-pressure trailer pump designed specifically for this project and able to pump the concrete to the record breaking height of 1,988 feet (606 meters) was used.

25. The tower’s water system supplies an average of 946,000 liters (250,000 gallons) of water daily. Hot and cold water plumbing systems in the building generally operate on the principle of gravity. Water storage tanks are installed within the main mechanical plant room floors, located approximately every 30 floors within the tower.

…more to come.

Note: All the information and facts about the Burj Khalifa are based on research by the blogger if you found discrepancies and errors please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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