Nov 18, 2017

17+ images: Dubai International Motor Show

It’s time of the year to showcase the biggest and best cars around United Arab Emirates (and the world), the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show (DIMS) at Dubai World Trade Center. Showcasing the all-new 2018 reveals from sedans, SUVs, supercars, electric cars and motorbikes, before we see then on the roads.

DIMS happened this weekend from Novenber 14-18, 2017 but due conflict work schedule I just have a limited time to visit these events after my duty on the my duty on the last day. Here is the glimpse of photos I took during my visit.

Made in United Arab Emirates the Shaali N360 – the Dubai Roadster. The N360 is constructed from a chromoly steel chassis, with an aluminium passenger tub.

The Icona Vulcano Titanium SR-71 Blackbird – the first world titanium car, inspired by the world’s fastest airplane.

Nissan Blade Glider.

Nissan GT-R.

Dubai Police flying motor.

Abarth 124 spider.

The golden boy Nissan GT-R (r35), the only car the makes me pursue and motivate me to be here (with or without ticket). Thanks to Mr. Meluar for the free ticket. Have you been here this weekend? Share your photos with us and leave a comment.

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